Designing and Ordering

If you see a Carved Door or Sculpted Panel that you like on our site and want one like it simply send us the dimensions you need and wood type you want (if applicable) and we will send you a quote.


If you prefer to design your own project then the process is simple.  Just follow the steps below and we will help you get exactly the design you want!

Hilotree offers 4 design styles for our Carved Doors and Sculpted Panels. Choose one of them to get started (no problem if you decide to change later).


STEP 1:      Which of these design styles best fits your idea of your project?


    NATURE TEXTURE                              

    This is where each element (leaf, flower, etc) is quite small so that a texture is created.



In this type each element is larger and has more detail.



These designs are mostly abstract texture but they might have other elements added (like an angelfish).


This is a carving of a scene either from up close, or far away, or both.


STEP 2:    Let's say you are interested in a Carved Door for your home.  You like the first design style, NATURE TEXTURE best of the four choices.  And you also like the Plumeria Blossoms design from our MOTIFS section.    

Simply go to NATURE TEXTURE in the DOORS section and send us a message that you want to see how Plumeria  would look on a door.  

STEP 3:   We will send you a rendering of how your door would look for free and you can make an additional adjustment (also for free) such as. "I would like to see the flowers smaller (or larger) or changed to another flower."  You get one rendering and one adjustment without charge.

STEP 4:   If you like the design then you will be given a quote for your project once we know the size and wood type.  If you want further work on the design then you can send us a design fee of $200 which will cover two additional hours of our design time for more adjustments.